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Gillette M3 Power

This morning I was treated to an endless number of Men are Stupid for Christmas ads. One that inspired me to write was this little gem from Gillette.

Woman: "Boys are easy to shop for..."
Boy: "A battery powered truck!"
Woman: "... As long as it has a battery, they're happy. When they get older, it's not much different."
Man: "Wow, a battery powered razor!"
Woman - Spiel about the M2 Powered Razor.
Man: "Want to see eggnog come out of my nose? *snort snort*"
Woman: "Not much changes."

Yup, men are immature and easily distracted by chintzy gadgets. Thanks Gillette, for sticking up for your customer base.

Men get $12 razors, but women had better get $300 diamond earrings (which the idiot man who forgot about buying until the last minute) if you want a peaceful Christmas, at least in Ad-World.

By the way, a year or so ago I took part in a mall marketing survey (hey, five bucks is five bucks) and did my best to shoot down the idea of a FIVE BLADED razor Gilette was thinking of selling to compete with Schick's 4-bladed model. So you can all thank me for my small part in ending the multiple blade wars.
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