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Advertising Hall of Shame

Bashing men isn't fair to women either

Man Bashing Ads
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You can't raise someone up by knocking someone else down, but that seems to be the idea that's taken over the advertising industry. Political Correctness and Feminism have conjoined to form this disgusting trend towards demeaning and debasing men in advertising.

This has been a hot-button with me for a while, but I've decided to break this out of my own journal and writings to concentrate it in one place. I'll start with a couple of essays I wrote on this subject, and then continue with deconstruction on new anti-male advertisements as I come across them.

In summary, the trend towards making men the perpetual buffoons and idiots in advertising, while elevating women as the brilliant, ultimately capable, goddesses of commerce is damaging not only to men, as is obvious, but also holds women up to impossible standards. If expecting women to be as beautiful as supermodels is damaging to them, add on the ability to excell in a career, raise the children, remodel the house, fix the car, and acheive world peace, all the while carrying the load for a sports-obsessed klutz who can't microwave pizza rolls without blowing up the kitchen, and you have a role model whom is impossible for anyone human to live up to. Maybe that's why women in commercials are starting to come across as so humorless and mean.

Some people don't notice this. Perhaps because it fits with their PC views, or maybe they even think it's right, or "justice". Perhaps they just don't look at it critically. Hopefully this Journal will help rub it in their faces until they notice it. Maybe people will finally realize that if it's "wrong" with the roles reversed, then it just might be wrong period.

It's about time to stomp out the "deconstruction of male images" that have already been destroyed totally. I mean, is anyone surprised any more when the mysterious black-clad motorcyclist pulls off her helmet to reveal long silken tresses? (And no Helmet Hair!) If I never see that one again it will be too soon.