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Been a while since I posted, but this annoyed me so much, Maybe it's time I resurrected this.

A man is standing proudly on the roof of his home, having just finished installing a large, and expensive looking solar array. "Hey honey, come look at this!" he shouts. But then suddenly, a tiny yellow bird lands on the array, and then takes off. Immediately the whole array goes sliding off the roof and lands in a jumbled mess in the back yard, as can be seen from the wife's viewpoint. She is sitting cross-legged on the couch, with her laptop in her lap.

Without the slightest sign of shock, she turns from the view, back to her laptop, and types in "Roof Repair" into the web page. It was as if she expected him to fuck up.

How many more "Men are incompetent at home repair" commercials do we need?
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