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I am not "Obsessed"

A friend recently told me that folks are wondering (behind my back, of course, nobody EVER expresses their concerns to the person they're concerned about) why I am so obsessed with TV Ads.

I'm not obsessed. If I were obsessed, I'd actually have weekly updates, and I'd have audio files and video captures and all that. I'd have a dedicated website, I'd be running mail campaigns, and try to get money from think tanks, and write books and maybe get on TV. That might be cool, but I don't have the level of obsession to dedicate my time to that.

Some, who have clearly completely missed the point (It's in the second essay) about how these man bashing ads are also bad for women, apparently are comparing me to noted misogynist Dave Sim.

There's a BIG difference between me and Dave Sim. Dave Sim HATES WOMEN. He had one bad marriage and an ugly divorce, and sees every woman as some kind of soul-devouring black hole. It's the pervasive theme of his later work, and the majority of his editorial writing.

I love women. I think everyone should have one. :-) But more seriously, I hate things that are counterproductive to a healthy society where men and women get along and enhance each other's strengths and counter each other's weaknesses. Top three among these social harmony destroying forces are Lawyers, Marketers, and Feminists. And those last two have formed an alliance to implement this awful "Two wrongs DO make a right, so even more wrongs will make it even more right!" strategy.

Yes, both male and female chauvinism are bad. But only the latter has been given social sanctioning. And I'm not the only one who's noticed this. Check out The WAR AGAINST BOYS: How Misguided Feminism Is Harming Our Young Men by Christina Hoff Sommers. Hell, just reading the commentary in the Amazon reviews is enlightening.

Tammy Bruce has had some things to say in this arena as well.

The point of manbashingads is not an exercise in obsession, but a way of KEEPING it from being an obsession. It's not central to my life, so it's not central to my personal LiveJournal. But I also think that attention needs to be called to this, because commercials are something we tend to be very unconscious about, but still deeply penetrate the social fabric (How many commercial tag lines can you think of in one minute?). And unlike other media elements like movies or particular shows, they're things we watch without CHOOSING to. This crap is FORCED upon us.

And the trick to becoming immune to subliminal/subconscious programming is to become AWARE of it. I'm sure anyone reading this thinks they're too savvy to fall prey to a Phishing e-mail, for example. Yet every day, there are people who do, because they are not aware of how it works. But once you know how to see that an e-mail asking you for your eBay password is a fake, you're equipped to detect other fakery. The same is true for the anti-male neuro-linguistic programming in commercials and media. Once you spot it, you can't help but notice it. I'm just doing my part to get people to notice it, and end the power of that unholy alliance between Feminists and Marketers.
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