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Ford Escape

Remember back in my original essay where I wrote about how the final realm of masculinity in advertising was the truck commercial? Well, it looks like they've figured out how to try to sell trucks to women. Instead of your typical Minivan/SUV type of commercial where the woman is driving the kids around in a suburban environment, they've started marketing to women with the usual smashing over rough terrain footage combined with the sweet seasoning of man bashing.

The first commercial of this new campaign was subtle. At a snowed-in house, the garage door opens. Inside the garage, a woman is at the wheel of her Ford Escape while her husband sits in the passenger seat. The snow is a wall three feet high revealed by the door. The husband is very doubtful they can make it out, and mentions that HIS parents (the ones they are apparently visiting) say they could stay another day. This horrible prospect from capitulation to the weather is enough to firm up her resolve. She stomps on the gas and bursts through the snow blocking the garage. Thence the ad continues with typical brawny "SUV dominating the snowy landscape" footage. Clearly dangerous roads are a far better alternative to spending one more minute with her wimpy mate's progenitors.

The latest Ford Escape commercial is a lot more explicit. It opens with a woman on a date from hell with a guy who won't stop talking about himself. They get into her Ford Escape and proceed to drive into the wilderness, as he continues to puff himself up in the pasenger seat. Finally they stop in a clearing and he helps her unload a giant kettle from the capacious back of the SUV. He finally stops talking as she drives off, leaving him there, and he notices the Cannibal shrunken heads etc hanging around the clearing. It turns out to be a fantasy at the very end as she's still at the table with the oaf she just fantasized about leaving to his death.

The fact that the woman is driving in both of these commercials should give you an indication as to which gender they're directed at.
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