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AOL, T-Mobile.

"Tom" and his wife are sitting at a cafeteria table with a woman representing AOL (in one of their "Member" commercials). Tom is well into TMI territory, talking about his food allergies, a rash he's developing, not really talking to anyone in particular. He wife leans in towards the woman representing AOL and says "That's Tom's problem, he shares too much." She's talking about him as if he's not there. The AOL woman explains to the wife about their identity theft protection. Which of course they need because Tom is an idiot, and their broadband service makes Tom even MORE of a danger to himself. Tom needs a woman, and AOL (in the person of another woman) to protect him from himself and his Rain Man act.

T-Mobile has a series of "Poser Mobile" commercials, which follow a standard plot. Guy goes to use his cell phone, these freaks in outrageous "ghetto" getups show up to tell him he's out of pre-paid minutes and when he says "But I just bought minutes!" they tell him about all the extra fees he's just racked up. Then the guy goes to the T-Mobile store, where a very attractive woman in business attire explains how their prepaid plan is so much more straightforward, and equips him with the right phone.

So, how does this script play out with a woman? Pretty much the same, except when she gets to the T-Mobile store, it's self serve. She doesn't need the help of the shapely spokeswoman to pick out the right phone for herself. She just picks it up, looks at the package, and nods making a satisfied sound and goes.

Only guys need help with Technology. Uh huh.
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