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Two-fer, Comcast and State Farm

Comcast has long been a home for a Man-bashing ad agency. One of their latest offerings which I THINK is for some video mail feature of their internet service (it doesn't actually discuss the product very much.) It features a guy who is clearly not the brightest bulb in the chandelier, his face is almost entirely covered with band-aids of various sizes. He's talking about how great his camping trip was except for one thing. "I stuck a stick into a hornet's nest, just to see if there was anything in there. There was." There's the proof of the man being an idiot. It's not even particularly funny.

State Farm, rather than working the "Men are Idiots" angle, worked the "Aren't you glad to be pussy-whipped?" female supremacist side. "After we got married we had two of everything." "We had to get rid of a lot of stuff." "Mostly MY stuff" says the guy, with the visual of his furniture going into a dumpster (the man's posessions clearly have no value, even for a garage sale). But they did go to HIS insurance company. She ends with a crack about him being right about something for once. Gotta get that last jab in there, donchewknow.
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