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Dodge Grand Caravan

Grungy biker, in leathers and with a classic motorcycle is stuck in the desert. A Mom in a Minivan, a Dodge Grand Caravan to be exact, comes up. "Out of Gas? she says, offering rescue. She folds down the seat, relocating the sproglet into the other half of the fold down bench seat, and they load up the bike (lucky it's a small one, she takes charge of pushing it in). It's strapped down, and they settle into the front seats. Then in a very smug and condescending voice, the woman says "Daddy just HAD to get a Motorcycle, didn't he?" and pats him on the leg, relishing the horrible mistake he made that got him stuck in the desert where she had to pick him up. The Little girl sprogling in the back is heard to giggle, while Daddy says "Funny."

So, we get Men are Stupid (Didn't buy gas), Men act impulsively (buying the motorcycle), and Men are helpless without women (the rescue). Plus the bonus ego smackdown from a "superior" woman.

Now, could you see a commercial with a guy say, belittling a woman for neglecting her car after changing a tire for her? I don't think so.

(Sorry for neglecting this folks. I'm going to try to get back to an Every Thursday schedule. But I may make up a few. There are SO many to choose from lately.)
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