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Dominos is at it again

The new "Steak Lovers Pizza" is being delivered by a girl to a house full of big manly men, who answer the door "Mmmm, Man Fuel!".

That is, until the thing on the Big Screen is revealed to be NOT the Big Game, but some Shop at Home channel selling Pretty Unicorn figurines. "They're statues!"

Yay, deconstruct that masculinity! Maybe this is the start of Phase Two. First masculinity was narrowly defined in ad-world, and now that image itself is being torn down, and the transformation from Man to Clown will be complete.

I just realized the same Sullen Woman from the previous 5-5-5 commercial is in another one where her withering glare is used to de-man her husband. The tremendously effective ad has left me forgetting exactly what it was for, but it started with the man standing back, proud of his accomplishment of hanging a gaudy velvet painting of a '70's black Kung Fu star. One withering glance later and we're told his prized painting is on it's way to the trash.

Men are not allowed to do interior decorating unless they are certifiably gay.

Interestingly, the last time I saw 5-5-5, it was re-cut to eliminate the whole "I fear change" exchange.

I do NOT flatter myself enough to think I had any influence on that.

Although if I did, that would be kinda cool. Now where's my consultancy fee?
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